Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Arpan Mukhpadhyay Memorial Trust (AMMT)
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Personal data

If you support us financially, or send us a message through our website, you decide to provide us with some personal data for this specific purpose. We use your email address to confirm online payments or to answer your questions. We only use your phone number in case we need further information concerning your questions. Protecting your personal details is of the utmost importance to us, AMMT does not provide any data to anyone outside the organisation. You have the right to know what information on you we register. You can always ask us to correct your personal information or abstain from any contact. Please send us a message should you have any questions concerning this subject: [email protected]

Credit cards

We process payment of your online donation using CC Avenue. Please contact their data protection policy for any further information.

Data Analysis

If you visit our website, the server registers impersonal data that provide information on your activities during your visit as well as the duration of your visit. The information collected is used to improve our website. It is not possible to link this information with any personal data; your visit to our website stays anonymous.


Cookies are only used when you send us any information through the website, however, AMMT does not collect any personal data via cookies.